Sexy Stuffed Belly Videos!

Hey! Sorry I have been m.i.a. for so long, I stopped filming new videos for quite a long time, but I’m back! Here are some of the hottest girls with the biggest bellies I have filmed, and there will be more new videos with new girls to come very soon!! Here’s the link to my store if you want to check out a bunch more belly fetish and weight gain videos:

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InstaBellies – “Foodbaby” bellies from Instagram

These have been submitted and posted for your enjoyment.  The comments are usually left at the bottom so you can get an idea of what was behind the “foodbaby” photo.


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17 Girls – A French Film

If any of you like pregnant bellies check out the French film “17 Girls.”  It’s about a group of 17 high school girls who decide to all get pregnant together!  At the end you start seeing their bellies growing and getting bigger.  The school gets mad at them but since they are of age there is nothing the school or their parents can do about it.  It’s actually a good movie but the English is all in subtitles.

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Thick Brazilian Girl with Nice Butt

She has a nice curvy body with thick legs and a great booty!  She is not a bad dancer either!

Thick Brazilian Girl!

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Chubby Asian Girls on the Beach!

This post will be dedicated to soft and gaining Asian girls in bikinis on the beach!  Check out these girls and their growing bodies!  I asked one of the girls in these photos if any of the girls had been pregnant in the past or if they just liked to eat.  She told me that none of these girls have had babies!  They are just enjoying the good things in life and they are really starting to get fat:)

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Christina Aguilera is back! BIGGER, and better than ever!

I just watched Christina Aguilera on The Voice yesterday and she was STUFFED into a really tight outfit.  She looks bigger than ever and sexy!  Check out how chunky she is in this video!

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Big, Soft Belly Resting On Thighs!

I am trying really hard to get my belly bigger. But it takes time, and (unfortunately) that means i am stuck with being skinny for at least a little while longer. At least my bf is trying to help me fatten up as he loves feeding me and rubbing my belly as much i love him doing it. Until i do get a  nice, soft belly, i like to admire those who have already achieved this wonderful feat. Yesterday i was just searching and found this picture after about 10 minutes. I love it and hope one day to have a belly this size



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tatata444ka on Youtube

This is one of my new favorite stuffers on YouTube.  She has a nice body and seems really nice and open to vid suggestions.  She also responds a lot to her fans and seems to genuinely enjoy making videos.  Check her out!


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The thighs, oh the thighs!

I love this girl’s shape!  She is trying to lose weight but she looks gorgeous!  Check out those thighs!!!

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