New Look!

We are undergoing some major changes around here at!  Sit tight and we will be back soon, BIGGER, and better than ever!  We are changing to a new server and doing a total site redesign.  Thanks to all our loyal fans for hanging in there during this process!  I have a huge database of belly vids and belly pics.  If you have any requests or remember something from the old site that you liked please let me know!  My goal is to get everything on here asap!  If you would like to be a contributor on this site please let me know and I will change your status from ‘subscriber’ to ‘author’.  I’m getting too many spam posts from China to allow all new members to be subscribers.

27 Responses to New Look!

  1. Tev says:

    Who’s the girl on the front page?

  2. BellyFan says:

    She was the original “belly girl” of myspace back in the day. Her name was Saraya on myspace and she had the most amazing body. I’ll post a set of her shots soon!

  3. Annie says:

    Hey there! Site looks great, will we be able to submit photos to you?

  4. BellyFan says:

    Annie, you should be able to make posts once you register. Let me know if you have any trouble posting photos! If not you can email them to me bellyfan1 @ gmail

  5. how do i upload videos and pics here?

  6. harry says:

    Hey can you reupload asian perfection please?

  7. bobbert324 says:

    I’ve just got to say, this website sucks in comparison to the old one.

    • BellyFan says:

      I approved this comment even though it is negative because everyone is free to their opinion. I mean, I miss my old site too but it was costly to run because of bandwidth and I was losing money every month hosting so many videos. This site is just a simple blog but it’s easy for people to share videos and photos that they find on the net. Hope you will stick around and I hope you understand.

  8. cohenator says:

    looking for technicolor belly dance by cryingfayth thanks

  9. EMAIN82 says:

    I cant figure out how to upload a pic to this site, please help. I have a few nice pics of my girlfriend i think everyone would really like.

  10. EMAIN82 says:

    sorry made comment before i read above. please make me an author. i have nice photos that are not on the net, i would like your site to be the place i show the world my girlfriends amazing belly.

  11. Alex says:

    Can you tell me how to post photos in the pretend pregnant category? because i have some sexy pics for it! :)

  12. ILuvChubbyChicks says:

    hey man, can you please make me an author. my girlfriend has put on weight recently and i have some sexy before and afters

  13. BellyLover says:

    Anyone Know’s Another Website’s Like This??

  14. madnice24 says:

    looking for a video of a bride to be talking about how fat she wants to get? any clue where i can find it? pretty sure it was on here once before

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