Big, Soft Belly Resting On Thighs!

I am trying really hard to get my belly bigger. But it takes time, and (unfortunately) that means i am stuck with being skinny for at least a little while longer. At least my bf is trying to help me fatten up as he loves feeding me and rubbing my belly as much i love him doing it. Until i do get a  nice, soft belly, i like to admire those who have already achieved this wonderful feat. Yesterday i was just searching and found this picture after about 10 minutes. I love it and hope one day to have a belly this size



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8 Responses to Big, Soft Belly Resting On Thighs!

  1. BellyFan says:

    That is a gorgeous belly and I also hope your belly gets that size someday:) Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  2. BellyLover says:

    Find it so unfortunate that it ‘brief and powerful’ update is on this website, does anyone know another website?

  3. otherland78 says:

    hehe yes looks very cute normally a bit much for my taste but you have such a lovely form and cute tummybutton and well as long as your boobs are equal to your belly i love it ;-) (not that this would matter for you^^)

    a sexy belly ^^

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